Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

A Kiss…

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A kiss is such an intimate expression of affection
A passionate kiss is confirmation of mutual attraction
The lips of a woman can be a promise of bliss
No wonder the allure of good lipstick

I remember when i met you, in your goth phase
5 piercings on each ear,
3 metal accessories on each hand
A smile that rarely appeared
On those full lips, adorned with black lipstick

But then i talked to you and then i saw it- the bubbly sweetness of your personality
Stripped of judgement and ego, you were delightful company
Laughter from dawn till dusk
On ridiculous puns on buns

I had heard whispers,
That metal magnified sensation
I had heard rumours,
That the bud accelerates ecstacy
I swooned everytime you spoke-
Partly from those alluring lips,
But from the ring on your tongue more so!!

I like the sweet side of you
But, i’m intrigued by the sexy side of you too
A mystery

#49Crushes #metal

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