Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

In Awe of Your Being

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She sat on the floor, cross-legged, in awe of your being.

You probably wore a stunning dress on the final night of PAUDC Madzimabwe. I say probably, because between my cross city travels; and turbulent speech tumbles, it started off as a blur.

What i do remember; is a distinct sense of calm comfort in your presence. Dressed down in comfortable pants and casually sipping cheap wine you would nonchalantly divulge delicious desires in a game of truth or dare.

I do remember the crackle of your laugh, magnifying the humour i barely mustured while amplifying the joy that courses through your personality.

I do remember the excitment of your dancing. Moving your curvacious Kenyan body to a Zimbawean Dancehall drum.

I do remember the beauty of your dimples, the mischief of your wink, and the exhilatation of your roaming hands.

I remember the consuming intentisty of your expressive persona. I watched, in rapt silence, as you narrated an indulgent anectdote to an impressionable young lady.

She sat on the floor, cross-legged, in awe of your being. And, now i remember why.

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